Thomas Calter - State Representative 12th Plymouth District Working today for a brighter tomorrow.
Thomas Calter - State Representative 12th Plymouth District                 Working today for a brighter tomorrow.

2016 Endorsements

Rep. Calter is honored to have received the official endorsement of the Massachusetts Teachers Association for the 2016 Election.



Rep. Calter is proud to have received Official Endorsements from the following groups for the 2016 race:


Massachusetts AFL-CIO


Massachusetts Teachers Association


IBEW Local 2322


1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers East, Massachusetts Div.


Utility Workers Union of America, Local 369


Environmental League of Massachusetts


Boston Carmen's Union


Association of County Employees (Plymouth County Correctional Officers)


Plymouth-Bristol Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO


Mass. Organization of State Engineers & Scientists




"When the Nathan Hale Veterans Outreach Center was in its infant stages, it was a long and sometimes painful struggle to survive one day to the next. Not many citizens had an interest to what I was trying to achieve with the outreach center, until I met Tom Calter. I was awestruck by his passion and devotion to serve his local government. There was nothing false, inflated, or artificial in his expressiveness. Sincerity was his natural idiom. The world of Politics is built and shaped in heroic lines. He spoke its language.


Without Representative Tom Calter there would be hundreds of Veterans stranded without transportation to VA facilities. We are now fortunate enough to have advanced into other services, such as Combat Counseling-Readjustment Counseling for returning troops, not to mention our Hale to The Arts Program, and other services. We let every Veteran know that this is due to the efforts of State Representative Tom Calter.


Tom is a fighter, and has fought hard for us: we know that Veterans are a cause dear to his heart, and the Veterans have a true friend and champion in Tom Calter." 


Christopher C. Hart

President and Founder / Executive Director

The Nathan Hale Veterans Outreach Center, Plymouth, MA

"Without your committed dedication to the health and welfare of our Veterans and their families, none of our accomplishments would have been possible, Thank you for the opportunity to attend your wonderful show !!


Christopher C. Hart

President and Founder / Executive Director

The Nathan Hale Veterans Outreach Center, Plymouth, MA

"State Representative Tom Calter has been a tremendous leader and advocate for veterans issues throughout Massachusetts and right here in our community. His genuine concern and compassion for veterans and the challenges they face is made very clear, both through conversations and his voting record. Ensuring that veterans receive the benefits and support they deserve has been a leading priority for him and I am extremely grateful for all of his assistance in helping our non-profit to grow and succeed." 

    Jesse Brown

    Co-Founder, Heidrea for Heroes, Inc., Plymouth

"Tom Calter cares about the issues that matter to his constituents, from jobs to health care to looking after the rights of veterans of the U.S. military. Tom has always been very supportive of the efforts of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, from the needs of our members to his enthusiastic support for our community outreach. Tom has stood with veterans in fighting for a new VA Outpatient Clinic in Plymouth, and is committed to helping those who have served this nation in its time of need. He is a person of integrity, commitment and compassion, and is not afraid to stand alone on an issue. With Tom, he will fight tirelessly for what is best for the people of this district and the state we all call home."

Ken Howe

Past Commander, VFW Post 1822, Plymouth

"As our State Representative for the towns of Duxbury, Halifax, Kingston, Middleboro, Plymouth and Plympton, Tom Calter has shown a commitment to public service second to none. In my role as a member and Chairman of the Silver Lake Regional School Committee, I have worked with Representative Calter on a number of issues. He responds with information, updates and answers to questions with immediate speed.


Representative Calter understands the difficult economic times we all face. Tom’s excellent business background and political instincts make the need to re-elect Tom Calter for State Representative to the 12th Plymouth imperative.” 


John Creed

Former Chair, Silver Lake Regional School Committee

Over the many years, Tom is always ready to listen, take on and fight for the individuals with disabilities and their families in our district and on a state level in supporting various legislation.   As a family member and community advocate for disability issues, I have seen his active work to assist many individuals, families and organizations.   He has worked for  persons with disabilities to be members of their communities, getting jobs, transportation, accessibility and state service money to be self-directed by families to meet the needs of their loved one(s).  I can always depend on Tom to be there. You can too."


Ed Bielecki, Kingston

State Executive Director 1999-June 2016

Massachusetts Advocates Standing Strong

"Last year, I did not know Tom Calter, I was simply a long-time resident of his district. An issue came up in our town, and we required clarification on legislation, so I reached out to Tom. Tom was incredibly helpful. He reached out to both House and Senate Counsel in order to clear up any confusion, Tom then went on to codify the law to prevent any further misinterpretation or confusion. I was extremely impressed at how helpful and responsive Tom was with the issues raised.  It is very obvious that he cares about his constituents and takes their concerns very seriously."

Sharon Housley

Plympton Resident

"Thanks to Tom Calter for helping me become FREE OF TYPE ONE DIABETES after 48 1/2 years of daily insulin. I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 1966 at the age of 11 and began my daily injections.  I have been described as a severe - brittle - juvenille -Diabetic and I have been described as 'Medically Complex' and I have gone through many complications from diabetes.  In 2007, I received a kidney from my sister and took 6 weeks off from work and when I returned to work I found I had been charges for 10 weeks.  After many meetings with HR to no avail, I had to hire an attorney.  All of my time was returned to me.  After that, I began the process for a Pancreas Transplant to cure my diabetes and protect my new Kidney.  Unfortunately my employer was not happy about returning my time and I began facing tremendous harassment and retaliation.  If I left my job for a new job there was no guarantee that the new company would offer insurance that would cover the transplant.  If I lost my job COBRA would only cover me for 18 months and the wait time was 3 years for a pancreas.  As you can imagine all of this involved meeting with people - reviewing my situation repeatedly - dealing with some very difficult people and always being a 'bundle of nerves'.  
My attorney thought it might be helpful if my local Rep would wrote a letter on my behalf to my employee.  
After all the complexities of my illness - all the difficulties from my employer.  I met Tom and for the first time in years and years I was dealing with someone who made things EASY for me.  I met Tom at a social event - I explained my situation - he gave me his number - I met with him - he wrote a letter on my behalf and it was sent to my employer.
While it was a long road to travel to get the pancreas, Tom always stands out in my mind because he offered me help and didn't throw any obstacles in my path.
On December 20, 2014, I received a pancreas and have been free of diabetes since that day." 

Terry Condon

Kingston Resident

"You'll always have my vote. I so appreciate the way you went to bat for the Rare Disease Advisory Counsel. You care about real people and real issues. Thank you. You have earned my respect and those of many."


Cynthia Taberner

Kingston Resident

"Representative Tom Calter has consistently proven his empathy and passion for the communities he serves. When I first met Tom we were both on the School Committee and he was fierce supporter of educational services for our children. Tom now carries his energy, his vision, and his leadership to the State House. His caring involvement in his communities and keen understanding of their unique needs, combined with his decisiveness and sense of responsibility make him an able and committed advocate on behalf of the residents of Plymouth, Duxbury, Kingston, Plympton, Halifax and Middleborough. Tom is a trusted civil servant, a passionate leader, and it is my honor to call him both my friend and my Representative."


Laurie M. Maker

Resident, Halifax

Former Chair, Halifax School Committee

Union #31 School Committee

"Tom Calter has consistently shown his commitment to my small town of Plympton as well as the other communities he represents.  I have had the privilege of working side by side with Tom, in his early days, on the Silver Lake Regional School Committee. His calm, decisive manner and unwavering commitment to the education of our children portrayed to me the true man. As our representative Tom has expanded his advocacy to our communities while balancing the needs of all of the people he represents.


During these difficult economic times, the need for a representative who understands our frustrations and will remain a strong voice for our communities remains one person, my friend, Tom Calter."


Maureen A. Springer

Resident, Town of Plympton

Secretary, Silver Lake Regional School Committee

Chair, Plympton School Committee

“In the 20 years I have known Tom Calter, I and have seen him play many roles in the community from Dad to Little League Coach to Finance Committee Member and now State Representative. I believe that you measure a man on the entire body of work through his lifetime, and the thing that has impressed me the most about Tom is that he has accepted all the challenges during his body of work with the same genuine, do-the-right-thing-irrespective-of-personal-gain attitude. In my estimation, we couldn't find a State Representative with more ability and willingness to speak up for the people he represents than Tom. I urge you to support him in his bid for re-election."


Mike Rizzo, Kingston

Jonathan Rizzo Memorial Foundation

“As a businessman, Tom Calter understands the importance of small businesses in our local communities. As our State Representative, Tom is committed to creating an environment for our businesses to thrive. He is a likable, approachable guy with a quick smile and a good heart. Tom serves as a means of giving back and we are fortunate to have Tom working hard to represent our communities.”


Skip Bennett,

Island Creek Oysters, Duxbury 

“When a Middleboro small business owner needed help, Tom Calter was there to lend a hand. Tom’s efforts saved the reputation of the company and brought jobs to Massachusetts. The small business owner is not one of Tom’s constituents and cannot vote for him in the upcoming election. The small business owner isn’t even registered as a Democrat-  Tom’s passion for improving the quality of life for the residents of Massachusetts goes beyond party. For Tom Calter, service is paramount not partisan.”


Lorna J. Brunelle                                                                                              

Middleboro, MA

"Honesty, integrity and hard work.  Those are just some of the qualities that describe Representative Tom Calter.  Tom is dedicated to his constituency as evidenced by his perfect attendance on Beacon Hill, his voting record and his accessibility when you need him.  You know you have the best respresentation you can possibly get when you are represented by a person who always votes with his conscience (not necessarily his party affiliation).  Although there have been times I have not personally agreed with his vote, I always know he is doing what he thinks is best for his district and Massachusetts.  That's why I am not only a supporter of Tom's but I am also a proud volunteer in his 2010 re-election campaign!"


Denise Rannou


Halifax, MA

“Tom is an outstanding representative for our community. He holds office hours once a month at the senior center. Afterwards he sits and has coffee with the seniors who are at the center. He takes time to listen to their opinions and concerns with an open mind and with a great deal of empathy and humor. He not only listens but takes action on their behalf advocating for senior issues.”


Maryellen Stevens                                                                                 

Director, Halifax Council on Aging

"We first met Representative Tom Calter at an event in our town a few years ago and ever since then we’ve been impressed with his friendliness as well as his attention to people with disabilities and their needs.  He asked us if there was anything that he could do to help with our issues, and today he keeps his word.   He came across as caring, considerate and encouraging.   He makes sure that our needs are/will be met.  This is something that many people aren’t interested in, but he is.  We look forward to working with him in our cause as well as supporting him.  We encourage you to consider Tom Calter."


Alan and Elaine Gifford

Kingston Commission on Disability

"Tom Calter is a very generous and caring man. He does a lot for the veterans and gives back to his community.  He helped me promote my website, which was made for the soldiers fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. He will always put others before himself, and will do what is right; even if that means standing alone.  Tom has inspired me to always follow through and I admire him for always doing the same. I especially respect Tom for his belief that the children are our future, his warm smile and kindness towards others. I am very proud to know that Tom Calter will be representing the Plymouth district and like me, will “Always Cry American Tears.” 


Amy deSilva


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